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Digital Education - Educator Bootcamp SY2021/22

This course is being sponsored by the e-Skills Malta Foundation and is being offered free of charge to all Educators as part of their Summer Bootcamp initiative.

This course offers an indepth look at some of the most widely used digital tools in the modern classroom, whatever modality the teaching and learning may take. Focusing on Microsoft Teams as the central application, the course explores the various updates and new features introduced for SY 2021/2022, and looks at various others tools that can be integrated or used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams to create an inclusive, multimodal classroom. 

One of the tools we will look at in depth is Minecraft Education Edition, and we will explore how this can be used to introduce game based learning environment across the entire curriculum.

PLEASE NOTE: videos and new content wil be released regularly every few days. While educators may pick which lessons they view, a certificate of completion will only be issued if all content (including quizzes, videos and surveys) are completed. The course will be accessible (and updated) until February 1st 2022, although this may be subject to extension. In order to receive credit for lessons, make sure you click the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of every lesson. 

IMPORTANT: on some lessons you can click mark complete without viewing the entire video or videos, but on others you will not be able to. We are trying to allow personal flexibility on material that is not substantially different from last year, but new material will require you to view the entire video.