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This course is being sponsored by the e-Skills Malta Foundation and is being offered free of charge to all Educators as part of their Summer Bootcamp initiative. The course will be available till end of calendar year 2020.

An overview of several tools and strategies to deliver remote teaching and ensure student engagement. Our main focus will be on using Microsoft Teams, and looking at combining it with several other tools to create a deeply engaging and effective online or hybrid classroom tool.

The course is free form, meaning you do not need to access the course linearly, so you can skip over sections you think are not relevant to you. We do encourage you to view all material, as sections build on each other, but we are leaving you the choice to skip specific lessons. Note however that any final certificates may only show completed modules.

Lessons will start being released July 29th 2020, and the plan is to release lessons every week till as per the schedule below. Some dates may change as we adjust the content to incorporate any feedback from you.

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Microsoft Teams
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