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Klaus Conrad
Klaus Conrad

Welcome to this specially designed e-learning course for educators. We know how much education has changed the past few months due in large parts to COVID-19, and the enormous challenges and tribulations that many educators have had to endure.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID, no-one is sure quite exactly what the next scholastic year will look like. There is broad agreement however that some form of hybrid education is bound to persist, with classroom teaching and learning supplemented through technology and flipped classroom methodologies.

At Headstart we have been supporting educators throughout COVID, together with fantastic support from Microsoft and other local and international partners. e-Skills Malta Foundation has been one of these partners, and their vision for quality digital upskilling aligns perfectly with our own. This course is a result of this joint vision, and is being offered free of charge to all educators till the end of 2020. Our aim is to give everyone who wants to upskill all the help and resources they need to do so. By applying anytime/anywhere learning methodologies, we are also minimizing the many logistical and life challenges many teachers face in attending live events.

We hope that you find this course useful. You can submit any problems, queries and suggestions using the Ticket link in the top right menu of this screen: your feedback is very important, and we will try and adapt parts of the course to fit your specific requirements (within reason).

Some important information:

a) The course is split into a number of lessons, which in turn are split into several topics. You can approach the course in any order, but lessons are going to be released in drip-feed format every week from now till September. Please understand that we can not change the schedule to suit your specific preferences. By September, everything will be online and accessible.

b) In every lesson, you will be asked to mark the lesson as complete: this may only be possible in some lessons after you have watched all the videos or completed the quizzes. This is not designed to make your life difficult, just to ensure that you absorb all the content before moving on to the next topic.

c) Certificates will only be issued for fully completed courses: if you are not going to finish the entire course, open a ticket to get a certificate listing pro-rata achievements.

So please enjoy your learning journey with us: our aim is to empower you to make your next scholastic year one with a lot less stress and frustration.

And finally , a few words from Carm Cachia, chairman of Malta e-Skills Foundation