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IMPORTANT: How to view and complete lessons and topics – DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!

Our course is structured into lessons and topics, which you can see in the left hand side navigator on this screen. In each topic and lesson, you will notice a button called ‘Mark Complete’, similar to the one below:

New LearnDash Mark Complete and Autocomplete Options in Tin Canny

In order to complete a lesson and get credit for it, you will have to click the Mark Complete button. This can be available immediately in some lessons, while in others you will first have to meet certain pre-requisites to qualify for the lesson to be complete. This could include watching one or more videos, answering a quiz, engaging with a learning activity, or all of the above. Until you finish the required tasks, the button will be greyed out.

During the course we are using a variety of tools, with one very important one being the use of interactive videos. Please watch the video below to make sure that you know how to navigate these videos, and how to make sure that you correctly submit answers to quizzes.